10 Reasons I’m Rocking Motherhood

We seem to focus on our mother fails and our ever growing list of Mummy guilt. So let’s focus on something else. Like how we are rocking this motherhood rollercoaster ride. Lately the ten reasons I’m rocking motherhood has been making the rounds and I love the idea so here is my list of ten reasons that I’m rocking motherhood.

  1. I allow my children the freedom to make their own choices within reason and to learn from them.
  2. I have taught my two sons that showing affection is not something to be embarrassed about.
  3. I try to be a better mother everyday
  4. I admit when I’m wrong and I apologize to them.
  5. They get all their needs met and most of their wants.
  6. I know most of the wiggles songs and bust one out when needed.
  7. My oldest eat veggies and fruit and actually enjoys them.
  8. I have read to both of them since birth and reading is a priority in our house.
  9. Religion is not used as the easy answer.
  10. Which leads to me this, I tell my children the truth. Age appropriate yes but the truth.


This was actually much harder than I thought it would be. I think we always remember what we did wrong or what we didn’t do. This list is something I want to print out to remind me of the things I’m doing right.

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Living With A Chronic Illness


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Creamy Garlic Pasta

I’m always on the lookout for yummy vegan recipes and adapting recipes to make them vegan. This pasta dish is so creamy that it’s hard to believe there is no cream in it. Unfortunately it doesn’t make for pretty pictures but makes up for it in taste. We used gluten free spiral pasta which I think is best for this recipe as they don’t clump together as some of long pastas do.  The recipe below serves five to six people. This dish can be all done in one pot which is great because who loves doing dishes?

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What’s In My Make-Up Bag?

I’m thirty years old and I’m still learning the makeup basics. As a child my mother never wore make up so there was no practising with hers as I was the oldest daughter I didn’t have a big sister to learn from. I was twelve when I got my first foundation. My skin is in between shades and the ivory made me look even paler. The beige was too dark so I walked around with a makeup either too light or too dark for a couple of years on the rare occasion I wore it and let’s not forget the dredged makeup line on your jaw.

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Who Am I?

My identity for the past seven years has been Mum.  I know I’m more than just a mum but who am I really? I had my first son at age twenty three and they say your twenties are for finding out who you are and what you want. Now I don’t regret having Master J so young but maybe I missed that memo. I became so absorbed in my role as his mother and it is the most important role that I will play. I don’t think I knew who Kelly was before he was born. I was going through a stage of pretending to be someone I thought people wanted me to be, of whom I thought I wanted to be, someone who fitted in.

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