Yes I have been MIA big time and that’s because i have had a lot going on. I made the decision to go back to study. To finally get a career that i want, it only took about ten years. I have put some serious thought into if i can keep this blog going.  I want to but not only is study and day to day life draining and it leaves little time for anything else,  those of you who follow me know in dealing with depression. I have recently decided to come off the medication i was on due to weight gain and i don’t know what my next step will be on that front.

I have also taken a big break from most of my social media accounts only having instargram going at the moment. I have loved sharing recipes and other insights into my life with you all but i just can’t continue to keep everything going without ending up in the dark rabbit hole again. It has taken me ages to write this blog post due to how busy i have been and though it’s on been on my mind to do, everything gets in the way. Right now i’m sick with bronchitis and i had a tooth removed and going through medication withdrawal so I’m sure you can imagine how hard daily life is at moment and assignment deadlines looming above my head.

I know this is all over the place and i’m really sorry about that. I don’t really know what to say anymore. I want to thank those who have taken time to read my blog i appreciate it. I have loved connecting with others. I don’t know if i will blog again but at this point in  time i need to focus on what’s most important to me and what i can deal with at the moment.

So what I’m trying to say is might come back and i might not. I will continue to follow the bloggers that i have always followed but blogging just doesn’t fit into my life at the moment.  Feel free to drop by and say bye if you wish as I won’t be shutting everything down immediately, again thank you for taking the time to connect with me and i really will miss this open diary kind of thing that i have shared will you all.


Signing off,

The Veggie Mumma


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