I’m thirty years old and I’m still learning the makeup basics. As a child my mother never wore make up so there was no practising with hers as I was the oldest daughter I didn’t have a big sister to learn from. I was twelve when I got my first foundation. My skin is in between shades and the ivory made me look even paler. The beige was too dark so I walked around with a makeup either too light or too dark for a couple of years on the rare occasion I wore it and let’s not forget the dredged makeup line on your jaw.

I was a consultant for Nutrimetics for a while and though I could advise products that would suit others skin tones I wasn’t able to get mine right. So I decided to go with a powder instead of a liquid. Most of my products are from Nutrimetics from when I was a consultant but I’m almost ready to go shopping for new makeup and what I purchase will be vegan, but this is what I use currently.


Nutrimetics Velvet Finish Foundation Ivory

NC Liquid Cover Concealer Light Clair colour

NC Ultra –Fine Brightening Powder

Eye shadow in two tone purple

Starlet blusher Cameo Rose

This is what I wear most days. This is new for me because I used to wear it maybe once or twice a week but have been wearing it almost every day the last two weeks.


If I want to get extra fancy or more made up whatever you want to call it I add

4-in-1 Ultimate Mascara

Midie Cosmetics eye shadow

Ultra luxury eye liner Avon bronze (which I’m out off)

Ultra colour rich lipstick chic pink lipstick

I also bought a set of makeup brushes which I’m starting to get the hang of. I like to keep my  makeup simple but I notice when I do wear it I feel a lot more confident and I don’t have to worry about my pores looking huge or looking like I just left high school.


Before photo


After photo

I need to update my products very soon so would love the hear your ideas on what products I should consider buying, the products you use and how often you wear makeup.

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