We finally tied the knot on October 16th 2016 after a three year engagement. That’s quite long for some couples but we both decided we wanted to enjoy the engagement period instead of rushing to plan our wedding.

I didn’t think it would take three years though. We started trying for a baby in 2014 and I didn’t want to be a pregnant bride so the decision was made to wait til we had the baby. Master T was born into 2015 and life got busy.


We first set the date for March the sixth 2016 but due to the time Mr C had to take time off work due to my depression money was tight. We didn’t want to take out loan if possible. After this we finally choose another date. Mr C and I were going to go with our anniversary date of when we got together but I always suffer with bronchitis in the cooler months and our anniversary being mid spring I thought I still might be recovering from bronchitis if I had been sick. A bride with a hacking cough not so cute. So we moved it to October. The sixteenth had no special meaning prior to the wedding.


We decided we didn’t want a reception not only was it really expensive but we didn’t see the point of one. Like to eat and mingle which we thought we would be doing during pictures, the mingle part and with only close family members present it would be ridiculous to book a whole function room. We planned of having the ceremony then we would have pictures and then we could go to the hotel before heading out to a private dinner for just us two. As parents we don’t get to really have dinners out by ourselves so we wanted to use that night to do so. Just to relax, talk, eat and not worry about bedtimes or who was losing their temper.


The day of the wedding rehearsal was a really nice warm day with clear skies. The perfect day. Family started checking the weather on their phones for the following day and it was set to rain. I had seen this on the weather but with such a beautiful day and the weather being unreliable as it was I wasn’t to worried til it said sixty percent chance of rain. Its fine everyone reassured me. It’s still going to be a great day because we were getting married rain or no rain. Breaking tradition again we spent the night before the wedding together and that morning Mr C walked in to the room singing “it’s like rain on your wedding day” by Alanis Morissette everyone knows that song right?


My future mother in law, me and my bridesmaid headed to the hairdressers for hair and make-up. The sky was grey and it had been raining. It’s ok Kelly I told myself, it’s still early. Maybe by the lunch the sun will be shining. Anything is possible right? Two and half hours later we headed to the car and it was starting to drizzle. We got to my husband’s Aunty’s house for lunch and to finish getting ready. We sat around talking about immigration laws, well I mostly listened. I was starting to get nervous but also very excited. Would my groom like the dress? That’s what most important to me considering the dress was purchased four days earlier thanks to my original dress having a botched hemline that I didn’t realize till I tried on a hoop. I begged the lady fitting me for the hoop to see if they had anything in store that would fit me. Yes they had one dress. I tried it on and it was fit perfectly.  Right size and length it was opposite to the dress I had planned on wearing but I felt like a princess.


Photos were taken and the car showed up. It was still grey but we umbrellas handy and the ceremony was to be under the gazebo. When I arrived it wasn’t raining. I walked down the aisle to “Just a Kiss” by Lady Antebellum and was given away by my Grandad. I was scared of crying and ruining my make-up but I didn’t. Once I saw my groom the nerves went away and I grinned my whole way down the aisle. Thinking about it now makes my eyes tear up just a little.  Mr C didn’t cry either but I was told by the photographer there was a little chin quiver. We read the chosen vowels to each other and did the hand fasting ceremony. Before being declared husband wife the singed the wedding certificate making it all offical. Not much to add to that part. It is beautiful memory in my head that photos would explain more than words.

RAM_5541 - Version 2

It’s Official

We hugged and greeted our close family members and we were positioning ourselves on a log for photos when it started raining. All those photos we planned with the photographer had to be abandoned. Otherwise we would be soaked. We made it to car with umbrellas being held over us by family and headed for the hotel. When we got into the city the rain was a really light drizzle we had photos with the car and our driver before heading inside. Our photographer was also close friends with my husband so we went upstairs took of my heels and then returned down to the bar for drinks and when the rain stopped for a moment we went back outside for some quick photos before the rain started again.


Went out to dinner later after getting changed and watched the no longer new Stars Wars movie we were yet to watch in our hotel room. I couldn’t think of a more perfect day and night. Yes it rained and we missed many photo opportunities but I married my best friend that day, with my children and close family present and it was perfect.


RAM_5570 - Version 3

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4 thoughts on “It’s Like Rain On Your Wedding Day

  1. Oh my, on my wedding day, we had record breaking rain fall. The kind of rain that weather men refer back to for years as a benchmark. Glad you got to have a special dinner with your hubby! Incidentally, 10/16 is my dad’s birthday!

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