It’s no secret that I’m vegan and have been since December 2016. However my children aren’t vegans. Yes they eat a lot vegan foods since both myself and my husband are the cooks in the house and we make a lot of vegan meals. Master J being a seven year old knows mummy is vegan and knows that means I choose not to have meat and he already knows that I can’t have dairy because it makes me sick. He has declared himself not a vegan and has stated that he will not be a vegan.

I’m fine with this. The thing is I’ve made my decision based on the abuse of animals and the environmental impact of agriculture something my children don’t understand. I could easily feed Master T everything vegan if I wanted to. He is only two so knows no difference but he’s not into trying any new foods at the moment.

I don’t want to force my decision on my boys and yes I do hope in the future they will choose to be vegan. Mr C is also not a vegan. He cooks a lot of vegan foods for the family but still eats some meat and dairy but no way as much as he used to. I don’t find this hard to tolerate as again it’s not my choice but his own. I want him to do it if he decides to for his own reasons whether they be the same as mine or not. I have made it clear that I don’t think anyone should eat meat but I don’t randomly try to convert people unless they ask me about it, it would be a waste of my time and theirs if I tried to convert them if they weren’t interested.

Does seeing others eat meat, dairy or use or wear non vegan products make me feel sick? Do I give them the evil eye if I see them doing this? My answer to both these questions is no. I don’t concentrate on what others are eating I focus on my own food I know why I made my choices to become a vegan and what this involves. However I do see what my children are eating and that is important to me. At this stage I provide them food that is healthy and vegan but on rare occasions they do consume meat. Last night for instance Master J wanted a subway roll and chose to have ham and cheese on it. But I have noticed he is now choosing to add salad to his food and last night it was lettuce. So I’m just thrilled he is trying new things.

My children will be educated on what vegan means. Just as I have educated myself and my husband. I just don’t want to push my believes or choices on my children. See secular parenting post for more info on believes.( I want to raise them to be confident in their life and in the choices they make whilst arming them with the information they need. Mater J will be learning to cook soon and this will include vegan meals and his favourite meal vegan curry. For the see able future vegan meals will always be served at my home and please don’t roll your eyes if I offer you some to try it’s really not that bad it’s delicious.


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