My Vegan Journey

I didn’t really understand what the word vegan meant. I knew what vegetarian was and I even had a friend who claimed she was vegetarian apart from chicken and fish. But I did hear all these types of different terms relating to being a vegetarian and thought veganism is just another term meaning the same thing. When my husband’s friends invited us over dinner which i was excited about knowing they didn’t use any milk products which meant i could eat and not be afraid of accidentally consuming dairy, they mentioned they were now vegan. I thought it just meant meat and dairy were out of their diets no big deal right but I was so wrong.. I’m not going to tell you all the restrictions or choices but just Google veganism and that will provide you with all the info.

My vegan journey begins in December 2016 after watching some documentaries to learn as much I could. The documentaries that really made me change my eating habits and lifestyle was forks over knives which provided me with insights to the plant based diet. I found it less confronting as it really focuses on food and less on the animals. I then stumbled upon Blackfish by accident. It’s not focused on food but on the abuse animals suffer in captivity and finally Cowspiracy. It discusses animal agriculture and environmental issues.

I started by cutting meat slowly out for a week before removing it together  This was a bit tough as we had meat nearly every night. After a few weeks it got easier and all dairy was already gone anyway so that bit wasn’t hard for me. I thought buying food that was vegan would be more expensive. My husband wasn’t keen also because of the expense wise and the cooking of multiple meals but we didn’t find it more expensive that our normal grocery bill and sometimes cheaper. We buy more vegetables than we ever did before and with alternatives available like hamburger patties I don’t feel like I’m missing out. I admit that i still get cravings sometimes but they get rarer with time.

I did go all through all my clothes and makeup products and was shocked on the makeup part about the testing on animals and the use of animal products. Lucky my clothes were synthetic and not wool or leather like I thought when purchased. This also applies to cleaning products. Reading the labels is important as they don’t clearly state the use of animal products.

My husband has greatly cut down on his meat consumption and my children also have to due to us cooking for them but along with my husband they still eat meat and whether they become vegan or not will be their choice not mine. Master 7 already knows I can’t have dairy and is starting to question why I’m vegan I will take medication as needed and i will immunize my children even know animal products may be involved because my family’s health is important and the alternative of this could be life or death.

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