Why Did A Bad Man Kill Those People?

Master J is almost six and half years old. The half is very important to him. Lately hes paying more attention to the news. We don’t make it a point to watch the news I find it very depressing myself but it does come on after The Chase which we watch most afternoons. Instead of changing the channel right away I have left it on in the background. I’m a big believer in answering questions my children ask me to the best of my ability and not lying to them but keeping it age appropriate for Master J has been difficult for me lately.

The questions I’ve been getting  from Master J are about death . He learnt from a friend at school that you die when you get really old. He had stated this and we confirmed it does happen and then left it. On the weekend while watching the t.v with Mr C and I he stated the children don’t die. I didn’t know how to answer this, I didn’t want him to be scared and think he may die so I turned to Mr C and said I don’t know what to say. He answered by saying sometimes children do die. Master J seemed to accept it and we left it at that.

His recent questions about death have been what happens to your stuff when you die and you can’t use it. I have answered that it is given to the family members as this usually happens but the one I find hardest to answer is why did a bad man kill all those people? I didn’t know how to be answer something I don’t even understand. What is the right answer here? So I answered with basically what he said. He was very bad man. I’m not happy with the response I gave. This didn’t answer his question but I didn’t really know what to say to a six year old.

I didn’t expect to be confronted with these type of questions yet and while he may accept my short brief answers now I know as he gets older he’s going to want to know more and I’m know I have to tell him the truth.

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