I have a Samsung A3 mobile phone. It’s my life line to the outside world. Not only do I use it for phone calls, text, photos and social media, I have recently started using Google Calendar. I have a lot of appointments or events to remember having two young boys plus my own appointments. I hate over booking and all the calls that go along with fixing this.

I have a paper planner. I put it on my Christmas list and received this beautiful planner from my future in laws from The Last Diary Company. It has everything I need.

  • School term dates
  • Things to do
  • projects
  • Expenses
  • Notes
  • Business planner
  • Address section

All the things that a good planner needs. I used it like a mad woman for the first three months after getting it. I wrote down everything. I gave all the family members their own colored coded pen to record their important dates. I wrote down my blogging ideas when they came to me as long as I didn’t get them when putting Master T down for a nap, which they often do so I have to try to remember them to write down later. Then I started putting things in my phone and updating my planner when I remembered to.

Having to keep both up to date is time consuming. I normally have to run around and find my planner. I have to hide it from  fingers who like to scribble or destroy my important papers. I did keep in my handbag for a time but my bag is already quite heavy if you carry it around for a whole shopping trip. So I searched for planners on the Google Play store and made the mistake of choosing ones that had pretty pictures, thinking that it would operate just like a planner but I could type everything in. I like pretty things a lot and this what my current apps have lacked. There is something just about paper and pen that is aesthetically pleasing.

The one thing paper planners lack is is reminders. The little pop ups that remind you that you need to be somewhere in half an hour or I need to make a phone call. Gives me time to occupy both children with activities so I can at least speak for five minutes before the screaming or “I’m soooooooo hungry” starts. I have a terrible memory which is why I like my appointments in the morning so i don’t need to work my day around them. This doesn’t always work so these reminders are what I rely on.

Do you use a paper planner or a digital one or a mix of both? Which applications do you prefer or what brand of planner do you find most suited to you.


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