To Post Or Not

So I’m on the fence on whether i should post photos online of my children. I already use Facebook and post quite a lot of photos on that. In saying that my friends list only consists on people I know personally. The other sites I use like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat dont not have any pictures of my children unless you count my profile picture on instagram which has both my oldest son and myself.

I’ve had Facebook on and off since 2009. I did not post any pregancy pictures or any pictures of my son till he was around six months. I was quite upset when other people posted pictures of my child as I knew their friends list consisted of people they did not know. Who might see pictures of my baby? I thought it was a valid concern. As Master J got older I relaxed a little with posting pictures mainly for family who we did not see on a regular basis as babies grow up so fast.

When I got pregnant with my second son I would post regular bump photos and ultrasound pictures. We even  announced using  an ultrasound picture. I didn’t feel vulnerable. By this time I had posting pictures of Master J for 4 years and I wanted everyone we knew to share in our joy. The day Master T was born we placed a picture online of him announcing his birth and name.  We have continued to post pictures of the boys on both Mr Cs page and mine own. Again for family and friends we don’t see often and for pictures we think are too cute not to share.

2014-08-22 11.40.01

Facebook Pregnancy Announcement Photo


Now I’ve started my very own blog I have only posted one photo of my son in this post. I also have an Instagram account, Snapchat and regularly post on Twitter, but I am yet to post photos of my boys on these sites. Why now after all this time do I feel vulnerable? The photos of my boys are something private but I share them on Facebook. All these photos are appropriate as in no nudity or potty training ones and none I hope my sons would feel embarrassed by. I feel like I should have photos on my blog as it’s a story on my life. I do a lot baking with Master J and if I were to post photos of the food being made I would hate to have to ask him to move out the way so i can take a picture.

Both of my children are posers when the camera comes out. How can they not be in this day and age when we are constantly snapping pictures of them? They are growing up so fast I want to document all their achievements, assemblies and cute little things they do.I want to share these moments. But I’m worried. I have experienced someone steal a picture of Master J and post it on her Facebook wall as her son. It made me feel sick. Violated. He’s my son, not hers. It’s so easy to see a picture, click and save it and now you have a picture that was someone else’s.  I would like to think most of us would ask before we use a picture, I know I would, but there are people (not good ones) out there right now who could access our pictures and that’s what has me worried especially why they’re so young.

I don’t know what I will decide to do about posting pictures and I hope I can share what makes me happy and who and what that includes. Here are some questions i would like to ask you. Do you post pictures of your children on social media sites? Where do you post? Do you worry about people you don’t know seeing them?


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