To Post Or Not

So I’m on the fence on whether i should post photos online of my children. I already use Facebook and post quite a lot of photos on that. In saying that my friends list only consists on people I know personally. The other sites I use like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat dont not have any pictures of my children unless you count my profile picture on instagram which has both my oldest son and myself.

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How My Parenting Has Evolved


I was twenty three when I had my first son. I had no idea what to expect. Sure I read every book I could get my hands on and recalled all the information I had learnt during work experience and through studying child care. None of these prepared me for being a parent.  I had to work out what he cries meant and I thought that as his mother I should be able to calm him whenever he was unsettled. I had so many unrealistic expectations of myself, of what being a mother is all about this made the first six months much more difficult than it had to be.

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My Birth Story Part 1

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My first son Master J was born six years ago naturally, by naturally I mean vaginally. I wanted to clear this up because natural seems to mean many things these days to different people. I remember having contractions ten minutes apart to five minutes apart for a week prior to his birth. Non active labour they called it on my two visits to the hospital. I had a appointment with a obstetrician at forty one weeks. I was truly over being pregnant by this point and was hoping they would consider inducing me. On examination I was only one centimeter dilated and extremely uncomfortable but also had the assistant doctor check as well. After asking to please be induced the obstetrician made a few phone calls around to the local hospitals. I was offered to wait three days or the next day for induction at seven AM. I definitely wasn’t waiting three days.

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