The Big Chop

Friday night after looking at many pictures of pixie cuts I told my Fiancé that I was thinking of getting the chop. It would be the shortest haircut I have experienced in my 29 years. I decided to have a look at some YouTube videos and came across an interesting one about a home haircut which resulted in a very short shaved hair style. I watched it twice before sharing it with Mr C and getting his opinion. He has always said he likes short hair on women and this was really short. It was something I would have never chosen for myself previously but I really liked the style and convinced Mr C to cut my hair for me. I knew if I didn’t cut it then I would chicken out if given the chance to think about it.

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Get To Know The Veggie Mumma

Hello, My name is Kelly I’m a 30 year old woman married to my wonderful husband and mother of two small boys ages 7 and 2.  I was born and raised and currently live in Adelaide South Australia.

My blog will be primarily be about parenting and veganism while dipping in beauty and fashion occasionally. My interests include reading, currently The Wheel Of Time. I enjoy watching documentaries especially those involving what makes us human and ancient civilizations. I enjoy experimenting with make up and spend too much time on pinterest trying to learn a thing or two about fashion.

Join me for the epic fails and the successes of parenting and being a vegan in today’s crazy fast paced world.

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