Who Am I?

My identity for the past seven years has been Mum.  I know I’m more than just a mum but who am I really? I had my first son at age twenty three and they say your twenties are for finding out who you are and what you want. Now I don’t regret having Master J so young but maybe I missed that memo. I became so absorbed in my role as his mother and it is the most important role that I will play. I don’t think I knew who Kelly was before he was born. I was going through a stage of pretending to be someone I thought people wanted me to be, of whom I thought I wanted to be, someone who fitted in.

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Going From One To Two

In my late teens I decided that I didn’t want children. I wanted to get married at twenty five buy a few dogs and be done. It’s not that I hated kids because I don’t and I had done plenty of babysitting in my teens but I was worried about stuffing my kids up. As kid I had heard numerous times from adults that if they knew what having kids was like before they had them they wouldn’t have had any. Are kids really that bad?

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I’m Vegan My Kids Are Not

It’s no secret that I’m vegan and have been since December 2016. However my children aren’t vegans. Yes they eat a lot vegan foods since both myself and my husband are the cooks in the house and we make a lot of vegan meals. Master J being a seven year old knows mummy is vegan and knows that means I choose not to have meat and he already knows that I can’t have dairy because it makes me sick. He has declared himself not a vegan and has stated that he will not be a vegan.

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Self Acceptance

Due to medication and pure laziness I’ve gained weight. Quite a lot actually. I weigh as much now as I did when my youngest was born. I was fifty four kilos when I fell pregnant with Master J at age twenty three. I was sixty two kilos the day he was born.  I was sixty kilos when I fell pregnant with Master T as age twenty eight. I was seventy three kilos when he was born. People would say I’m lucky because I lose the baby weight quite fast and  it  isn’t  linked to breast feeding as both boys weren’t breastfeed past three days. Continue reading